8 Card Box Ideas for your Wedding!

As you plan the little details of your wedding, don’t forget the box for all the important cards (after all, there may be money in them)!!

Here are 8 ideas you can create yourself or find on Etsy for your big day:

Acrylic Boxes

What’s great about this piece is it’s modern and can be engraved!

Acryllic container


There are so many styles and they can be decorated however you like!

Birdcage holder

Fancy Vase

We have these in the shop–this oblong vase is perfect for placing cards inside!  Add some ribbon and volia!  Instant pretty card holder.

Fancy vase

Galvanized Tin

A tub would look great too, but this milk-can looking piece adds a unique rustic touch to a rustic wedding!

Galvanized Tin

Old Window Shutter

You can paint it your wedding colors, then your guests slide the cards into the slats.  How adorable!!

Old shutter

Traditional Stacked Boxes

This one never goes out of style and you can create different shapes and patterns using different boxes and decorations.

traditional stacked card box


For the urban garden lover, this piece is fantastic!  You can then place a fairy garden or succulents inside after the wedding and watch them grow!

Glass Terranium


This vintage piece can be rustic, classic, gardeny…it will pair well with many wedding styles!  Pick one up at the local flea market or antique shop and decorate away!vintage cards suitcase

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4 Must-Have Sites for your Wedding

Technology makes our lives easier and helps to keep us organized (and sane as wedding planning swings in to full gear).  These four websites will enhance your wedding experience, help you plan better and even save or make you a few bucks!

Rentivist  is a site that connects new brides with old brides so they can rent their things.  They are not the rental company, but the middle man connecting you, who has a need to rent things for your wedding, with those who have the things available for rent.



Appy Couple   allows you to collect RSVP’s, plan travel, share your engagement story with your friends and family as well as keep them informed, all in one place!

Appy couple

All Seated  creates seating charts based on the layout of the venue for you so that you never make the mistake of putting Uncle Ned next to his ex-wife who married his cousin, by mistake of course.

All Seated

Union Station  rents bridesmaids gowns!  No more buying dresses you’ll never wear again!  Register on the site as the bride, then Union Station will contact your bridesmaids and do the rest!

Union Station

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Day-Of Wedding Tips to Save your Sanity

It’s almost here–the BIG day you have been planning for over a year!!  Don’t let the day be stressful and you miss out on the amazing moments you will cherish for a lifetime…enjoy these 10 Tips for wedding day bliss!

Keeping Mothers Happy – A thoughtful gesture to include the Mothers in a special way at the ceremony is to present them with a single flower; the Bride presents the Groom’s Mother while the Groom present’s the Bride’s Mother with a single flower, say, a rose.  Another great offering is to give a flower arrangement, such as an altar arrangement to each of the Mothers at the end of the day.

Pamper Yourself — Let the day of your wedding be an enjoyable time with your family and friends. Don’t plan every second with something that has to get done — even if it’s hair, nail and makeup appointments. Plan some down time, power nap, or relax with a cool beverage.

Your Guests – Your wedding day is all about you and your new husband, but keep in mind you are the hosts and you need to accommodate your guests.  Having a few designated “host/hostesses” is a great idea to manage any last minute requests by your guests to make them feel welcome.

Delegate – Remember, the rule is: “This is your day,   you need to enjoy it!”  So when friends and family start inquiring if there is anything they can do, say, “YES!”

Nourishment — Have light, healthy snacks available while everyone is getting ready for the wedding (and don’t forget about the guys). This will keep everyone happy and content.

Wrist Corsages – All the movement and bumping wrist corsages endure on an active wrist makes for a fragile item.  Attaching the wrist corsage to the wrist of the opposite hand you write with (or dominant hand) is best.  Or, opt for a pin-on corsage and have the ladies wearing corsages master the “side hug.”  Another tip:  Your corsages and boutonnieres have been out of water the longest, making them more fragile, so keep them in the refrigerator and don’t have them pinned on until absolutely necessary.

Carrying Your Bouquet – Chances are you’ll be a little tense when walking down the isle.  RELAX!  Take a deep breath and let your arms rest at your hips.  Most dresses are designed for you to showcase the bouquet at this area; otherwise, you’ll hide the beautiful design of your dress (with your bouquet), which is why you purchased it in the first place.   Allow your bouquet to compliment your dress and become a part of the entire look, not over-shine your dress.

Eat During the Reception – Sure, there is a lot going on and Aunts and Uncles to see.  However, don’t forget to eat!  You and your new husband need to enjoy all the elements of your wedding, especially the food.  Bon Appetite!

Wedding Goodbyes – Your guests may not be the night owl you are and may want to leave before you.  If you want a grand farewell, plan that into your day so that everyone will be there to see you off.

It’s Your Wedding – You can honor old traditions and create new ones.  This is YOUR day, enjoy it and make it memorable!

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Pop, Fizz, Clink…and Plan!

On February 6th, Bloomtastic paired up with Columbus’ elite wedding pros to share an afternoon of delicious food, champagne and wedding planning advice with 48 couples at the Athletic Club of Columbus!  I wanted to share some of the highlights of the tips given from all the pros with you for your own wedding planning adventure:

StR Event Services explained that your on-site wedding coordinator at a venue isn’t the only planner you need.  Hiring a real wedding planner will ease the process for you, take stress off of you trying to chose the right vendors, and make sure that the day of your wedding is a success.  A real wedding planner knows and works with all your vendors, coordinates them, makes sure they arrive on time and has backup plans B and C in the event of a mishap.

Bloomtastic flowers & events shared that it is important to hire a florist with a brick-and-mortar location.  Why?  They are not a hobbyist; they will not call you a month before your wedding and bail on you.  Plus, they have proper refrigeration for the flowers (and we even have alarms hooked up to ours to monitor the temperature) to ensure they are at the peak of beauty when delivered.  It’s best to hire your wedding florist 6-9 months prior to your wedding and do your research first–florists have their own unique design style so chose the one who demonstrates he/she can design in the style you want.

Aperture Photography gave great advice for hiring a photographer–remember, this person (or people) will be with you at your most intimate moments, from getting dressed to sharing your first kiss to rocking it out on the dance floor.  Hire a photographer that you get along with well as this wedding pro is who captures the moments for a lifetime of memories.

Jan Kish of la Petite Fleur shared her 30+ years of experience with the couples and demonstrated her sabering technique as well (she sliced the top of a bottle of champagne off with a sword!!)!   She pointed out that the idea of sheet cakes in the back with a beautiful display cake up front isn’t always less costly, and, sometimes your guests may notice and feel cheated if they didn’t’ get a piece of the “good” cake.  The take-a-way:  Don’t discount your guest’s feelings when planning your wedding.  Put yourself in their shoes when making decisions.

Matt Ryan Mobile DJ shared with us that he is one of only a few full-time mobile DJ’s in Columbus!  That is a testament to his excellent, quality service and professionalism.  Matt shared the difference between hiring a live band and a DJ, and the important aspect of DJ-ing that you miss out on if you have a live band–the Master of Ceremonies!  Your DJ is the person setting the tone and making announcements to your guests throughout the reception and most bands will not offer this service.

Occasionally Custom Correspondence had tips for making the most of your paper budget!  Over-sized mailings cost more in postage, so you can save money by reducing the size and weight by not having all the extra envelopes and pieces inside.  Little extras, such as the “Pop, Fizz, Clink  Plan” disks on the champagne glasses add a touch of personality but are completely extras.  Save The Dates should be sent to those who are not immediate family or those who may have special travel considerations due to location, not necessarily every guest.  And with today’s technology, the “directions” card is no longer needed, also saving you money!  They also printed all the paper materials for our event–they were gorgeous!!

A special THANK YOU to the Athletic Club of Columbus for hosting!!  Emily shared her best tips for couples planning weddings and provided the most delicious pretzels and pulled pork sandwiches ever!  We have worked for years with Emily and she is FABULOUS!!!

We also want to thank Sadie Baby Sweets, The Candle Lab, Big Al’s Popcorn, Katy’s Kandies and Jenny’s Tasty Treats for contributing to the swag bags for the couples!  Be sure to check them out for your wedding, too!!

Here are some images Aperture Photography took of the workshop:


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Simple and Clean with a bit of Whimsy

Those title words above were Jena’s exact description for her wedding floral vision; She wanted something that wasn’t fussy, wasn’t over-the-top but was beautiful and infused a hint of the couple’s personality.  She met with her wedding consultant at Bloomtastic about six months before her wedding and shared her overall wedding theme colors: navy with coral/pink/peach accents.  We suggested peach Juliet garden roses paired with white dahlias, white ranuculus, soft pink mini roses, pale pink lisianthus, Apricot hypericum berries and peach stock for her amazing bridal bouquet.  She loved it!!

kasey&jena together we click 2

The guest tables were adorned with a mercury glass vase brimming full of whimsical babies breath, peach stock and Amsterdam roses.  The picture below is from the head table and is in a crystal compote, not the mercury glass, but represents the same design.

kasey&jena together we click 3

We loved the extra touch placed on the back of Jena and Kasey’s chairs!

kasey&jena together we click 4

The men opted for dark grey suits with navy pocket squares.  Kasey sported white ranunculus to compliment his new wife’s stunning bouquet while the groomsmen wore a peach ranunculus boutonniere.

kasey&jena together we click

Not pictured are the bridesmaid’s bouquets of Amsterdam roses, peach stock, Apricot berries and soft peach mini roses.

WE LOVED designing for Kasey and Jena and were so honored to be a part of their special day in August!!

{All in the Details}

Locations:  St. Brigid of Kildare Church; Brookside Country Club 

Photographer:  Together We Click 

Number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen:  8 & 8

Number of floral centerpieces: 8 smaller for the guest tables; one large for the head table

Floral Budget:  $1000-$1300


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Westin Elegance

Tina and Sam exchanged vows at The Westin Hotel in Columbus, Ohio on May 16, 2015.  Tina’s floral vision: Peonies and hydrangeas, in all their lusciousness.  She envisioned shades of white to compliment the elegance of the Westin Ballroom and to pair well with the dark navy gowns for her attendants and grey suits for the men.

For her bouquet, she wanted to showcase her love of peonies, so together we created a collection that made them shine–hydrangeas as the canvas with a few roses and splashes of babies breath nestled round the focal peony.  Tina liked the idea of keeping the peony as her exclusive wedding flower, and the bridesmaids carried a scaled-down version of her bouquet, minus the peony.

Mapes bqt

To compliment the grey suits and navy ties, the men all wore a small collection of white ranuculus blooms with a touch of greenery and navy ribbon flush down the stem.

Cocktail hour was home to a darling collection of white hydrangeas and a prominent garden rose nestled in to a mercury glass votive.

Mapes Cocktail

The centerpieces greeted Tina and Sam’s guests with classic white flowers (hydrangeas and stock) and warm candle glow by way of Bloomtastic’s stemmed votive trio.  These candlesticks are elegant and classic yet stately with heights ranging from 6″ to 14″ tall!  The candlesticks allowed for her guests to still see across the table, so they are an excellent way to get height without blocking your guest’s view.  Another centerpiece (not shown in this blog) displayed a blended collection of white and mini green hydrangeas crowning a mercury glass compote (a bowl with a short stem and foot).

Mapes candle centerpeice

The Tuscan table was the attraction of the room–placed in the center of the ballroom, this allowed all the guests to see the wedding party during the reception and created a family ambiance.  Champagne colored tall vases each displayed an impressive collection of hydrangeas, stock, garden roses and larkspur.  Crystal cylinder vases were then the home to the bridesmaid and bridal bouquets.

Mapes Tuscan

As the perfect finishing touch, a few loose blooms of garden roses and miniature roses were placed on the cake to add to it’s brilliance.

Mapes cake

{All in the Details}

Location:  The Westin Hotel, Columbus Ohio

Wedding Planner:  Jennifer Drew of StR Event Services

Photographer:  Amy Rebecca Photography

Number of Bridesmaids & Groomsmen:  8 & 8

Number of Centerpieces:  16

Floral Budget:  $2000-2500

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Wedding Whites are Very Nice

Brittany and Patrick exchanged vows at The Ivory Room in October and celebrated their love with friends and family during a reception that immediately followed.  Her floral vision included shades of purple and green originally but transformed into varying degrees of white for an elegant yet simple feel to correspond with the vibe of the Ivory Room.  She loved flowers with different shapes and how they all came together, so together we chose hydrangeas, roses, miniature roses, callas and a hint of babies breath for the personal flowers (bouquets and wearables).

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

For the ceremony, Brittany chose soft white rose petals to line the bridal path.

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

To marry her love of purple to the elegant vibe of the all-white florals, Brittany elected to infuse purple with the white for the centerpieces at the reception.  Guests were entertained with one of three custom designs:  a towering centerpiece showcasing white hydrangeas, purple orchids, plum dahlias, purple stock and lavender roses; a trio of crystal cylinder vases each with purple orchids submerged inside and crowned with a white floating candle; a low crystal cylinder vase brimming full of lush white hydrangeas, purple stock and lavender roses.  We loved the personal touch of the table markers that were pictures of their dogs.  🙂

Tall Centerpiece

Tall Centerpiece

Short Centerpiece

Short Centerpiece


The Ivory Room

The Ivory Room

Medium Centerpiece

Medium Centerpiece

A special thank you  to Together We Click for providing these beautiful images!

It’s all in the details:

THEME/VISION:  Elegant, simple

COLORS:  Shades of white and shades of purple

NUMBER IN BRIDAL PARTY:  3 Bridesmaids; 4 Groomsmen





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Get the Most out of a Bridal Show

Bridal showBridal shows can be overwhelming to say the least.  If you plan on attending Columbus’ biggest bridal extravaganza called Columbus Weddings Show on January 23rd & 24th, you will not be disappointed.  This show boasts 100+ wedding experts, Bloomtastic included–front and center!

To avoid “Bridal Show Overwhelm,” and maximize your experience, here are our tips:

1.)  Wear Comfortable Shoes     Sorry, 4-inch heels are out of the question.  It will take you a few hours to walk the floor and see all the vendors, not to mention the time you spend watching the bridal fashion shows and standing talking.  So dress comfortably, especially your shoes.

2.)  Budget Enough Time     Usually there is a line to get in prior to the show opening (at least at good shows), so plan to arrive early.  It will take you a few hours to walk the floor, see everything, chat, eat, watch the fashion show…so be sure to budget plenty of time.

3.)  Limit your Entourage to 2-3 People     I know you want to take all your bridesmaids, your sisters, your fiance’s sisters, Moms and Grandmas, but the isles are crowed and it’s hard for everyone in your group to see (and stick together).  Go with a smaller group of people who are in-tune with your agenda (see #4 ) and will help you, not waste your time looking at things you don’t need or already have checked off the list.

4.)   Create an Agenda      Know what vendors you need and don’t (florists, bakers, music, stationery, food, venue, tuxes, gowns, etc) and make a list.  Do some pre-homework; check out the websites of the wedding experts in the categories you need who are at the show (usually there is a list of “vendors” or experts as I prefer to call us on the bridal show’s website) and then map out where they are and make sure you see them first.  Be sure to share this information with your entourage so they know who/what kind of experts you are looking for.  Make sure they stick to the agenda as it is easy to get distracted at bridal shows with lots of pretty things.

5.)  Have Questions to Ask Experts     Typically the bridal show booth will contain the main person(s) for that business, so be sure to take the opportunity to ask him/her your questions.  This will help you determine if you want to take the time to meet with them later.  Make a list of questions, such as, “are you available for my wedding date?”  “What are your prices?”  “How long have you been in business/working as a Wedding Expert in your Field?”  “Are you insured?”  “Have you worked at my venue before?” “How many weddings have you done?” “How far in advance do I need to book you?”  “What is your deposit?”  “Can I make changes to my wedding order?”  “When is the balance due?”  “Do you have packages or are your custom?  Or Both?”

6.)  Don’t be Shy     You are at this bridal show to collect information and make an expensive decision on who to hire.  Don’t be shy!  Talk to the people in charge; ask questions.  Look at their work.  Touch their work.  Be involved!  This is like a pre-qualifying process for you to decide who you want to spend valuable time with meeting and chose for your wedding–take advantage of this time!

7.)  Talk to Experts During the Fashion Show    It may be noisy, but 2/3 of the other brides are watching the fashion show.  This means the experts are less busy–this is your chance to go have a conversation!

8.)  Schedule Consultations/Book on the Spot with Experts you Love     Or if not on the spot at the show, call them the week after and get scheduled.  Wedding expert’s calendars fill up very quickly after a show, and many times the expert is participating in more than one show, so be one of the first to call so you don’t loose your opportunity to meet/book them.

Enjoy the show and we’ll see you there!

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The Best Apps for your Wedding!

Want to bring some technology in to your wedding?  Here are the BEST apps for your wedding!

 Wedpics ScreenshotWedPics   allows you to capture unlimited pictures and video from your guests as well as share event dates and times, accommodation info, gift registry info and more!

EvernoteEvernote  is a great place to store info and keep you organized.

pinterest-boardPinterest   is most likely already in your arsenal, but worth mentioning again.  It’s the best tool for creating an inspiration board so you can see how everything will fit together as well as finding cool ideas!

Wedding Budget appThe Wedding Budget App is free in iTunes and will help you track all those expenses!

GivelyGively  is a website that allows your friends and family to contribute to your wedding budget as their wedding gift!

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Bachelorette Party Dare Game


So it’s time for your bachelorette party…let the fun begin!

Here’s a fun game to play with the bride and her posse… “Dare to Do It”

Create a list of things a married woman shouldn’t do, such as wink at another man, get a man’s phone number, etc and “dare” the bride to them!  Here’s a short list of ideas:

  • Dance with a bald guy
  • Get phone numbers from three guys  you don’t know
  • Kiss the next guy to talks to you
  • Sing to a stranger
  • Dance on top of a bar table
  • Wink at a guy and lick your lips
  • Lick a sucker while staring at a guy
  • Flirt with a guy who’s shorter than you

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