8 Card Box Ideas for your Wedding!

As you plan the little details of your wedding, don’t forget the box for all the important cards (after all, there may be money in them)!!

Here are 8 ideas you can create yourself or find on Etsy for your big day:

Acrylic Boxes

What’s great about this piece is it’s modern and can be engraved!

Acryllic container


There are so many styles and they can be decorated however you like!

Birdcage holder

Fancy Vase

We have these in the shop–this oblong vase is perfect for placing cards inside!  Add some ribbon and volia!  Instant pretty card holder.

Fancy vase

Galvanized Tin

A tub would look great too, but this milk-can looking piece adds a unique rustic touch to a rustic wedding!

Galvanized Tin

Old Window Shutter

You can paint it your wedding colors, then your guests slide the cards into the slats.  How adorable!!

Old shutter

Traditional Stacked Boxes

This one never goes out of style and you can create different shapes and patterns using different boxes and decorations.

traditional stacked card box


For the urban garden lover, this piece is fantastic!  You can then place a fairy garden or succulents inside after the wedding and watch them grow!

Glass Terranium


This vintage piece can be rustic, classic, gardeny…it will pair well with many wedding styles!  Pick one up at the local flea market or antique shop and decorate away!vintage cards suitcase


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